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how we completely overhauled Gimme5

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The first online-only bike

A 3D viewer that makes your next Ducati feel real

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We're peopleproof.

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We invent, develop and implement experiences, tools, and media that are relevant, rewarding and resistant. No matter the industry, everything with a pixel in it, we make that. See above some examples of how we handcrafted our clients’ success in digital transformation.

UX/UI design

From the idea to the execution, we strive 24/7 to create effective, seamless, unforgettable experiences for users to enjoy. And they look great too.

Service design

Getting you ready for product/market fit. Participative workshops, customer journey mapping, service blueprints, business model shaping.

User research

What really works for actual users? Let’s ask them: contextual interviews, corporate ethnography, insights extraction, opportunity maps, usability tests.


UX-driven development is our – and Molecle’s – thing. Lo- and hi-fi prototypes, MVP, full-responsive web and mobile development, IoT, machine learning and VR/AR solutions.

Content strategies

From storytelling to storyselling. Digital footprint, strategies and branding, blog design and maintenance, social media marketing, chatbot and conversational interfaces.

Growth hacking

The unicorns’ hands-on approach to lean marketing. Funnel modeling, campaign design and execution, analytics, monitoring and around-the-clock optimization.

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