The digital

acquisition funnel

tuned to perfection.

An on line registration process designed and engineered to maximize subscriptions to Accendi Luce & Gas, and intuitive for any type of user, including seniors and "analog natives".

The onboarding solution we developed for Accendi Luce & Gas is liquid: users can seamlessly move from one touch point to the other according to their needs, always picking up from where they left. The module adopts all UX best practices facilitating form filling, and its back end includes a CMS layer, from where the marketing and sales teams can manage users and available products and services.
Accendi Luce & Gas registered a record year after implementing our onboarding solution: + 98% of turnover compared to the previous one and a churn rate of just 6%, much lower than the sector average.
Improving the performances of the digital channels is key to a utility's success, more than ever in a post-pandemic context, with users more likely to take care of switching provider and subscribing new contracts through on line and mobile solutions.