Together with Azimut

we brought analytics

to real life events.

A groundbreaking connected environment that tracks visitors’ behavior at yacht exhibitions, through a network of beacons and a mobile app designed for dealers.

Azimut's client and prospects can pre-register on line and book their visit at the show. Once there, they are quickly paired with the best available dealer according to their nationality, owned yachts, mooring port. By tracking the dealer that has the app installed through the ebeacons, granular data about the visit to the different yachts can be collected.
The system provides decision makers with valuable insights about visitors’ engagement, and dealer performances during trade shows.
The smart trade show solution also enables real-time follow up to the visitors' requests such as sending digital brochure and technical sheets on the spot. A clearer overview of the exhibition's outcomes and simplified lead management tools have streamlined and vastly improved Azimut's sales operations.