We developed the HMI

for the family car

of the future with BAIC.

Cutting-edge technology, but easy to use. This was Granstudio’s core challenge when they designed the Senova Offspace, a striking concept car unveiled at the Beijing 2016 Motor Show.

We partnered with Granstudio to develop the car dashboard of tomorrow, Car Design News certified. As passionate drivers ourselves, we knew how much we needed a very comfortable solution based on the Granstudio’s IP panel design. For this reason, we took our time to test the interface on a working prototype we set up, in order to find the most suitable configuration. Finally, together with Granstudio we came up with a solution that divided the single screen in 3 different areas.
Each area gives access to the various clusters of information: vehicle info, multimedia, navigation, communication, apps, health etc.
We have managed internally the creation of the physical HMI and the interaction devices. Later on, we integrated Granstudio’s UI design and embedded the prototype in the actual concept car. We fully share the key insight behind the UI design: giving drivers the right amount of data, at the right time. Car parameters and functions are not only a pleasure to look at, but, most importantly, easy to read.