We made people

buy Ducati

motorbikes on line.

A fluid, lifelike, light and responsive viewer, allowing people to explore even the tiniest details of the Scrambler #Hashtag from any device with a no-frustration experience.

People are used to touch and test-drive the vehicle they intend to buy: having them to give up this habit it’s key to innovate the dealership model. The same immersive and rewarding experience as in person is now available on desktops, laptops and smartphones, allowing fans and clients to access the bike any time, wherever they are.
The Scrambler #Hashtag was the first online-only Ducati motorbike, and went sold out in just a few days.
The power of configuration. We strongly believe that real business magic happens when advanced web-based 3D experiences are enriched by one-click buy processes, enabling people to discover and customize products remotely. We have extensively explored these new grounds, in the transportation industry and beyond.