We have changed the way

people micro-invest

with Gimme5.

Saving can feel like a burden sometimes. But what if it could be done with a little help from your friends – or family? It becomes easier, more fun and a lot quicker.

The “digital piggy bank” by sgr AcomeA has been completely overhauled, defining a new vision through participatory sessions with the internal product team. New features have been thrown in the mix, allowing for instance multiple users to invest for the same goal. People are encouraged to invite their friends not just to install the application, but to actually use it.
Actions within the app unlock badges and virtual rewards, marking their experience as investors.
The user interface makeover enables an easy monitoring of progress towards goals and achievements. The new, redesigned Gimme5 experience is delivered through an engaging visual language: we tapped in the latest trends and created a bright color palette that users love.