We built

a one-stop platform

for illy lovers.

The new flagship illy mobile app is a constantly evolving digital product, engineered to provide a seamless go-to digital experience to all of the brand fans.

Available for the time being in its 0.1 release focused on the new loyalty program, for both iOS and Android, the app has been envisioned by our product designers as a robust and scalable ecosystem for all things illy. A dashboard-centered experience engineered to work as the main touch point for coffee enthusiasts as well as casual customers.
The visual language of the brand has been furtherly enriched and extended along the way, also introducing signature interaction patterns and flows.
The actual product has been developed with React Native, then writing directly in Swift and Kotlin the pieces of code needed to interact with the mobile operating systems at a deeper level. Going for a hybrid solution enables higher product scalability and less impactful maintenance activities over time.