TAP, the ultimate 

suite for

precision agriculture.

A rich, multi-product ecosystem covering all farmers’ needs in a connected environment. 12 complex web app designed and developed so far under the Topcon Agriculture Platform brand.

Such an extended family of services and products, connected to each other and constantly expanding, needed a solid, flexible and task-driven Design System in order to guarantee consistency across the whole experience and future scalability: exactly what Enhancers brought to the table.
TAP enables field tracking through sensors and drones, driverless tractors management and harvest monitoring, adding meaningful digital services to Topcon top-tier positioning devices.
The suite helps farmers send field data to the cloud for easy organization, retrieval and sharing. It allows dealers to stay connected to their customers by offering in-field support as well as machine health monitoring capabilities for predictive maintenance and improved uptime. It allows agronomists to recover time lost gathering, compiling and removing data errors through one easy-to-use platform.