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A continuous implementation process aimed at developing, integrating, debugging and shipping product updates.


Agile development

Standup meetings, reviews, retrospectives. We do them all, but Agile is not just about ceremonies. We embrace the most advanced product development methodologies, like the dual track framework, to quickly and effectively build and ship the freshly designed user stories as they are validated by tests. The bottom line is: we deliver better products in less time.


IT architecture

The technical ecosystem of the product is assessed in order to better understand all existing constraints (environmental, certifications or compliancy related, etc.) and plan the product evolution. All required technological integrations are mapped; in case of IoT, hardware components are defined, together with edge and cloud computing policies enabling the communication with physical devices, data management, machine learning, analytics and APIs.


Back end

All data collected are processed by a back end engine, which also maintains and manages the communication between the system and other external services (including CMSs, CRM solutions, analytics, etc.), authentication and data storage. Commonly used back end technologies are open source, in order to make the environment easily scalable and reduce effort for its maintenance over time.


Front end

Relevant information are made available via front end components developed using the most modern web, mobile, embedded and voice technologies. We mainly work with JavaScript frameworks like React and Angular – and React Native and Ionic 2+ for mobile solutions – combined with reactive programming (RxJs) and immutable paradigms (Redux). We are also fluent in native mobile languages such as Swift, Java, Kotlin.

In a nutshell

  • Tech environment analysis
  • IT architecture design
  • Hardware
  • Edge computing
  • Cloud computing
  • Back end development & integration
  • Front end development

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